April 8, 2015 by Pedro Mendez

Roll Your Own Urban Chicken Coop

You live in a small city house, but you have heard about the urban chicken coops and would like to have one. So you need one that won’t break the bank or take up to much space. Well you could call one of these guys, or you could build your own chicken coop in the back yard.

So how to go about it? Follow here:

1. Make sure you are legal. The absolute first thing you should do is make sure your urban hatchery is legally allowed. The easiest way is to call animal control and ask about all the local rules and regulations for chickens. Roosters are not typically allowed in dense urban areas, as they crow! If they are legal, make sure you don’t exceed the allowed number of chickens and follow all the local regulations.

2. Have fun with it. Don’t overthink it, and give yourself lots of slack. Chickens aren’t critics, so you won’t have to worry about detailed critique of your work. You just need to get a few basic things right, and you’ll be well on your way to a cool coop.

3. Get a plan. Here are a few places you can download FREE plans:
If you are here reading this guide, then you are probably not an expert in building coops. So don’t try to do it from imagination. Use some of these plans and get a good head start on eliminating a lot of the errors and issues you’ll face.

4. Make sure you have enough space. You’ll need at least 4 square feet of inside living space for and 10 square feet of outside living space for each chicken (bantam chickens can use slightly less). Make sure the air flow and ventilation is good. Hens create large amounts of acidic compounds such as ammonia and CO2, so its important that those are ventilated correctly and don’t build up.

5. Use quality materials. Don’t use rotten wood, cheap wire, or anything else that will wear out soon. Chickens are a rambunctious bunch, and they will test the materials with their scratching, pecking, and refuse (also predators can be determined). You don’t want to have to start all over, while your chickens are running around free, so use materials that will last a good while and that you trust to keep the chickens safe. Its ok to use recycled materials, just make sure they aren’t already falling apart.

6. Make sure they can roost. Chickens need to have a high place for them get up to, relax and survey their kingdom. Actually they do this for a very practical reason. They need to sleep in an elevated place, that has some protection from predators. Make sure they have 6-10 inches of roost space per chicken.

7. Nesting Boxes. These are different from the roost perches. Nesting boxes are where they lay their eggs and for every 5 hens, you’ll need at least one nesting box. These should also be higher than ground level (imagine if you were the hen, trying to lay and egg in danger!)

6. Make sure you can gather eggs and clean the coop. You’ll want to gather your eggs (even if you don’t eat them). And you should clean your coop about once a week. So making sure you have easy access to the whole coop, and even easier access to cleaning their nests, is going to be important. You might consider making the nests removable, so you can clean them thoroughly.
You don’t need to be super organized like a professional organizer (this one for example) all you’ll need is the ability to cut some wood, and staple chicken wire (or hardware cloth), a measuring ruler and some confidence.

Great example here:

April 3, 2015 by Pedro Mendez

Raising Chickens Beside Your Dog’s House? Why Not?


You might perhaps dream of a fine morning where you can sit around your garden with a fresh meal to start up your day plus a pocket full of money from money-making wastes. Yes, you want it that way. Meanwhile, chickens met the criteria that we are talking about here. Those lovely fluffy lumps with desirable wings and legs are most wanted altogether with its sharp beak–not to mention the fresh source of scrambled or Sunny Side Up recipe made by your Momma that chickens produce time after time. Other than also producing compost, landscaping and guarding your yard, and keeping your company everyday, chickens are as well good lifetime investment. You will know later some tips on how to have a harem of feathery mothers with a couple of legs in your backyard.

Of all the animals which can be placed and grown in your backyard, chickens has the very potential to a household essential. many people seem to think that you need to live in the countryside before you will be able to grow chickens and enjoy their fresh eggs when the sun rises up. However tradition says that raising them should be in wide farms and open spaces, you can now raise your chickens in your twenty inched backyard. considering the phenomenon of modern culture, it would not matter now if you’ll start with two to five chickens in your backyard by building up a small coop even right beside your doghouse. And if you are tradition whore, starting up with 3 hens is a lucky charm. Just make sure that your decision of raising backyard chicken is already approved by your neighborhood. Well, chickens are easy to deal with so you do not have to worry.

raising_chickensThere are some good factors to remember to inspire you with raising your backyard hens. The very first one is the fresh eggs. Of course it is undeniably reasonable. Eggs which are freshly harvested directly from your hen’s nest is the most delicious one you could ever find. You’ll testify that when your hens will finally arrive. They normally start giving you fresh breakfast at not less than 6 months old. And from there, they will now start laying eggs every after one to two days for many years.

Chickens are also great in making money through their composts. It is amazing how they turn their poops to nutrient rich garden fertilizers. They usually like to eat grains, vegetable scraps, and even bread. Another factor to think of is they can also take good care of your backyard’s landscaping and kill insects around. So if you allow them to roam around the coop, they can meticulously perform at their best.

And lastly, chickens make great pets. They appreciate it if you will lend them food right directly from your hands, follow you around, sit on your lap or beside–just make sure their not yet ready to poop because they also love to mark out their territories, yikes! Chickens are one of the most disciplined animals you could ever own in your backyard. They go to bed before the sun kiss the moon and rise up early before the moon totally disappear. It is also incredible how they store food in their body tirelessly but you don’t even need to invest a lot just to nurture them.

You only need three simple things to raise your chickens perfectly–water, shelter, food. Human as we are, we also demand for those stuff for us to survive. And to chickens, as long as you can provide these things to them everything is good to go.